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nickname47 05-30-2010 04:04 PM

ISDN and Linux

I'm currently trying to setup a linux server with an ISDN card. Having tried this 1 year ago with an AVM Fritz!Card 2.0 and Ubuntu 9.04, I know how much trouble I'm getting into.

My goal for this computer is simple, I need an Server distribution (console only) with a working ISDN connection.

Since I don't wanna go through the same odyssey again, I'm willing to make any changes necessary to make this setup as easy as possible.

Should I use different ISDN hardware (is there a ISDN card that works smoothly with Linux?), older distributions, or discard Ubuntu entirely for this matter? What about Kernels?

Are there some people here who got their machines to work with ISDN? If so, how?

Thank you very much for your help
Daniel Richter

lazlow 05-30-2010 04:59 PM

You can probably save yourself a lot of headache by just getting a ISDN router or external modem. Either will allow you to use standard Ethernet to handle your connection.

nickname47 05-30-2010 05:02 PM

Thank you very much, that sounds very promising.
Would this setup provide the same functionality as a internal PCI device? e.g connects and disconnects?

Do you have any recommendations for external modems/routers?

lazlow 05-30-2010 10:32 PM

It has been years since I have had to deal with ISDN. As I recall you setup the router just like any other router(via the web browser). Once it is set up the router handles everything. As far as the computer is concerned it is a regular Ethernet connection (just like DSL or Cable).

exptloyd 05-31-2010 01:57 AM

ISDN is a one type of system it's provided the two types of hardware
ISA & PCI. ISA is a one type of drive and in wish use for the AVM A1 fritz card.PCI is also drive and is also provide the AVM A1 Fritz card.
Linux is a one type operating system.It's work to command based.

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