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slack*****user 10-20-2008 10:57 AM

ipod question?
hello everybody my wife just bought me a brand new 120GB ipod classic(YAH!!!) and i have a few questions:

number one: will it work with amarok and/or gtkpod?

number two: i heard there is a serial string hack that you have to write to the ipod, is this true?

number three: i would like to gain full functionality for this ipod(including photo, video and album covers) is this possible? or is this just a big fat mp3 player?

i am temporarily away from my linux system and i cant test it yet to see if it works, i would have already hooked it up, BUT i am a million miles away right now and i cant really access my workstation at the moment.

so i guess at this point me hooking it up and working and all of your suggestions and knowledge(if any) are all theoretical until i can get to my linux box.

i am running slackware 12.0 smp 2.6.icantrememeber on an smp mobo with 4 gigs of ram and two palominos i dont think i have even had a chance to bring it to current as of yet cause i like to hacknhacknhacknhack till i am happy then "maybe" update..........

any suggestions? you can repost this in another category if that proves necessary.

i do understand, however, that i need the correct libs and so forth, so please steer me in the right direction

thank you

MS3FGX 10-20-2008 08:09 PM

Slackware includes Amarok and libgpod, and they should be installed by default. I would suggest updating your machine to 12.1 if at all possible though, as you need the latest version of libgpod to support the Classic and new Nanos (and I am not sure which version shipped with 12.0). Album cover support and all of that is all handled by Amarok. As long as your ID3 tags are good, there is nothing to worry about.

You do need to set the FireWire ID for the new style iPods. This is a relatively simple matter, and only takes a minute or two. Once done, you never have to mess with it again. This section of the libgpod Wiki explains what needs to be done.

slack*****user 10-21-2008 06:55 AM

thank you thank you
that is frickin awesome thanks i will try it when i get home

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