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Iomega USB mount on CentOS 5

We are running CentOS 5 and we are using two identical Iomega USB disks for back-up. We change disk every end of the week. The first Iomega disk was mounted as /media/Iomega, so all cron jobs referred to this mount. However, If we (safely) eject this disk and replace it by the second disk, this disk is mounted as /media/Iomega-1. How can i make that every disk change automatically mounts to /media/Iomega ?


kilgoretrout 06-23-2010 07:11 PM

With gparted or some other partitioning tool, label the partition on each drive with the same label name,"Iomega". Mosts distros will mount a partition with a label name on /media/<Label>.

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