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_UnPrEdictAbLe_ 07-29-2006 05:13 AM

Intel Extreme Graphics 865GBF graphics driver

I am running Fedora Core 5 on Kernel 2.6.17. I have a Intel 865GBF motherboard with an onboard Intel Extreme Graphics card. Everything was running well until I decided to set up cedega to play some 3D games.

glxinfo says Direct rendering is enabled and glxgears gives about 650 fps. But it seems that the is being provided by Mesa. I heard that Mesa doesn't support hardware acceleration or something. Cedega reports that it cannot enable 3d acceleration. The game play is also slow and jerky.

Please help me out with this. Do I need to install any new software/driver to make it work? What are the other ways to verify that my graphics driver is doing fine or has the capability of 3d acceleration.

I'm really a newbie in graphics drivers field, so please don't get too technical.

Thanks in advance!

KimVette 07-30-2006 04:49 PM

A nontechnical answer: Intel's embedded graphics controllers are crap. Pick up a cheap $50-$65 NVidia card (even an inexpensive FX5200 chipset provides incredible performance in Linux) and save yourself a headache.

_UnPrEdictAbLe_ 07-31-2006 12:51 AM

Well, I would also consider getting a new graphics card, but it seems my present requirements don't require any investment. This card can easily run all my requirements (Counter Strike, Age of empires, etc). Windows XP with the Intel Extreme Graphics 2 driver gives about 72 fps during game play while Linux running on Mesa gives 14 fps only. The problem is not with cedega but the driver is it using for graphics.

Please help me out in updating the driver. I am newbie in drivers but not in Linux. I can easily do stuff like kernel recompiles, etc. So please help me in replacing my driver with a functioning one.


Electro 07-31-2006 01:48 AM

From reading It seems that 3D acceleration is only supported if the color depth is set at 16-bit. Using programs like Cadega or Wine, will always be slower than in Windows. Though it is probably best to buy video card for 3D instead using the on-board graphics for 3D.

I suggest running 'glxifo | grep -i mesa'. If anything comes up, then you are using Mesa.

People are idiots thinking GeForceFX 5200 is good. A GeForce4 is much better buy than GeForceFX 5200. I recommmend a GeForce6 6200. It much better than both GeForce4 and GeForceFX 5200. Stay away from GeForceFX cards because they are crap.

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