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unpraghavendra 11-12-2003 07:15 AM

Intel 845GV with RH AS 2.1 software mirroring

Does anybody know how to load RH AS 2.1 on Intel 845GV with IDE disk & software raid. Bocz for me its taking around 4 hours to install the same.

Is any updates available for this issue

Caysho 11-22-2003 10:02 AM

is dma enabled ?
the i845 has issues with earlier kernels, I beleive 2.4.20 and later are ok ? (at least Knoppix 3.3 supports dma on this chipset). the ide controller (24cb) doesn't get reported properly and the kernel disables dma by default (you can't enable it either)

I only know this because Red Hat 8 installed at a snail's pace on what is now my gaming box.

search google on "845 dma" or "dma 24cb".
if it's the problem I'm thinking of, there's an ac patch for it, YMMV.

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