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leupi 12-27-2012 05:23 PM

Installing two SATA hard drives
I have a Dell Power Edge SC1420 server with a RAID array and two 80GB hard drives. 80GB is a bit too small for me and I really don't need the RAID so I just purchased a WD 500GB hard drive that should be here tomorrow. As the two 80 GB hard drives are still good I was wondering if I could use at least one of the 80 in conjunction with the 500. I do see two SATA connectors on the motherboard.

I've never dealt with SATA so I don't even know if the concept of master/slave exists with SATA as it does with IDE. Would I simply attach one cable from each connector to each of the drives? Is there a way to 'tell' it which on is the drive that houses the OS and which is the data drive? I removed the RAID card and plan on installing Ubuntu 12.04 Server Edition if that makes a difference.

Ser Olmy 12-27-2012 05:49 PM

Just plug the drives in and they'll work.

The drive connected to the SATA connector with the lowest number is usually selected as the boot drive, but you may be able to override that with a BIOS setting.

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