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endertux 10-03-2009 08:01 PM

Inspiron 6000 blurry when using tv hookup
I'm on the dell i6000 with the Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller trying watch movies on my TV.

I had Win7 installed on it not too long ago, now using Linux Mint(gloria) XFCE edition. When using windows I could hookup to my tv and everything was fine and dandy.

Now using linux, when I switch over to the TV(using Fn+F8) the picture is FAR too blurry to enjoy watching any video.

I have no clue what to look for for this problem.

GrapefruiTgirl 10-07-2009 12:24 AM

More info please.
I'm not sure I can help directly, however for anyone to be able to help, please tell us:

1) What make/model and age of the television.
2) What sort of video connection goes to the TV (i.e. is it S-Video cable, VGA cable, etc..)
3) What video driver you use?
To see this, please provide us the "VGA Controller" section from the output of the below command:

shell# lspci -vv
4) What sort of Television encoding you use in your locale/region of the world (Is it NTSC, PAL, etc?)
5) See if your OS has a file called /etc/X11/xorg.conf and if it does, please post its contents for us.


PS - Welcome to LQ!

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