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MensaWater 11-01-2006 10:21 AM

IBM ServeRAID-4M Controller Events
Anyone using the IBM ServeRAID-4M Controller? If so do you have definition for the codes seen in the event logs viewed by the ipssend utiltity?

Iíve been searching for this. So far Iíve found multiple references to POST codes but none to those shown with ďipssend getevent 1 softĒ. Iíve found documentation for the IBM Netfinity 7600 this is in as well as documentation for RAID on the CD for the card but none of it gives this information.

Basically had an issue where the controller failed and we were able to replace it with one from a retired system. We then found one of the drives was bad as well and replaced that. It started the rebuild yesterday and completed logical drive (LUN) 1 then started on LUN 2. The next time I looked it was back on 1 again. By afternoon it was on 2 again so I left it running. This morning it is on LUN 3 (the final LUN) but appears to be hung at 46.09% complete and has been for at least 3 hours (probably longer since Iím assuming it got here before I first looked at it this morning). Iím trying to figure out why it restarted in the first place and why it is hanging now.

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