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sirpelidor 01-01-2004 04:06 PM

i586 / i686 vs Pentium III ?
hi, question appear to be too obvious, i guess maybe i just wasn't sure and i'd like to hear more opinion about it heheh.

what's the diff between i586 or i686 vs Pentium option, when building kernel?
the kernel i'm using: 2.4.16 come with i586 default. i recompiled with option Pentium III enable, so far i haven't find any different yet.

i actually sit there and clock the boot time myself, its about the same...not any faster or slower.

maybe the differences is so little to the point that i don't notice? but i just like to know in "theory"... what's diff between kernel i586 processor enable vs kernel pentium processor enable, when you are running P III 600 mhz processor yourself?


Mara 01-01-2004 04:41 PM

On P3 it should be faster compiled for i686 than for i586. But it's not easy to see it. When there's only kernel compiled for i686 and all other programs for i586, you have very small chances. It'd be different if you had everything compiled for i686.
The difference is that code compiled for i686 uses features that were introduced with 686 and are not present in 585 (new instructions, usually).

sirpelidor 01-01-2004 09:05 PM

thanks mara, now that makes a lot of sense.
case close :D

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