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DaveQB 02-19-2004 03:36 AM

HPT370 detects and using module HPT366, change ??
Hi there,
a search on htp370 was fruitless to what i have here. Its more a module problem i guess.

I bought this card to replace my sil0680 RAID card for the added Linux support (both have the same performance)

Works fine in Windows and made a 80gig (2x40) RAID 0 partition in NTFS.

booting into Mandrake to see my nice new card funstioning properly and i was disappointed.

It appears to get further then the sil0680 did, but i noticed in the hardware list its using HPT366 module.

I cant mount it as it says "Wrong FS, bad superblock....." etc etc

PS i added another 120gig WD drive, and it has the same error when tring ot mount, yet my other 120gig WD works fine in linuc ?!?!

suggestions ?


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