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lowtek 07-16-2004 05:30 PM

Howto read raw-partitions?

I'm going to take it from the start so you know what it's all about.

I have a 80 GB harddrive that earlier was devided somewhat like this:
1. 100 MB FAT32 (with DOS)
2. 10 GB NTFS (with WinXP)
3. 10 GB Ext3 (with Fedora Linux)
4. 1 GB Linux Swap
5. 59 GB NTFS (extended)

After buying a new computer that runs on Linux only I thought that the Linux partitions on this harddrive where to no use and that the space could be used for other stuff.

This is what I wanted it to look like:

1. 10 GB NTFS (with WinXP)
2. 70 GB NTFS (extended)

To my help I used PartitionMagic 8 (PM) under Windows (define the changes in Windows and then reboot to make them). It did delete the DOS-partition and the both Linux-partitions but when it was going to move the XP-partition something went corrupt and the whole partition went useless and I only read it as RAW. I reinstalled Linux on the free space I had hoping to fix it (as I've done before) but nope.

I've gotten a CD with PEbuilder (which boot winxp from a CD) and was thinking about doing the whole xp-partition to a ghost-image but Ghost on the CD wouldn't work at all (possible because it couldn't decide which filesystem the C:\ drive had).

What I need now is help with some program for either Windows or Linux which can read RAW-Partitions. I don't want to format the harddrive before I've gotten some really important files that I stored on it.

If someone know how to help me with dd please write me a msg on ICQ. I'm online most of the day.


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