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shassouneh 03-02-2002 02:08 PM

How to install Linux under Quantum Disk manager
Dear All,
I have an extra machine I wish to set up as a Win2k Server / Suse Linux Multi-boot SERVER. Unfortunately, the Bios ONLY supports up to 8.4GB, and the only way to utilize my 12GB drive would be to run it through the Quantum Disk Manager! Note: Even IF I set up the BIOS to use the drive as an 8.4GB drive, the drive WILL NOT BOOT! So All disk access/partitioning has to be done under the "supervision" of the Quantum Disk Manager! Also note that that I tried setting up Linux through a boot disk under the disk manager (since the machine cannot boot from a CD/DVD)! That failed and setup complained about not being able to access the drive or some BS like that! NOTE: Windows 2000 Server set up worked just fine soI know for a FACT its not a physical problem!

Can anyone help me? ANY FEEDBACK IS WELCOME! Please help another Computer Science Student delay his coding for an hour!

Note: Intended Operating systems:

Windows 2000 Server (currently installed! I'm writing this message from it!)
SuSE Linux Profesional 7.3 (kernel 2.4.10)

Note: I want to set it up as such just to mess with server stuff and learn more about it (your average computer geek!)

Thanx for taking the time, effort, and patience to read through this. I appreciate your (if any) feedback!!!

neo77777 03-03-2002 12:12 AM

Did you consider EZ-BIOS? It's a small utility that allows you to by pass 8.4 Gig barrier of your BIOS, do google search for it.

shassouneh 03-03-2002 12:19 AM

no but..
No, I did NOT consider EZ-BIOS BECAUSE Quantum Disk Manager DOES the same thing! The problem is GETTING linux to start its setup UNDER such a disk manager or BIOS hack! :(

shassouneh 03-16-2002 05:37 AM

Note: I have created several install Boot disks (floppies) and none of them worked! Can Anyone help me? If all else fails, How can I set up a Network install?

Someone PLEASE help! I want to install Linux on this machine! :(

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