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hostile1 12-15-2005 07:46 PM

How To Create RAID with exsisting data...
Hello All,

I've never used mdadm before, but I'm would like to set up a RAID 0 for /home in my current server.

Currently, /home resides on /dev/hde5, occupying the entire disk. I have installed another hard drive /dev/hdg5 which I would like to use for the mirror.

I have read the mdadm documentation, and cannot seem to find any senario where it covers the creation of a RAID where one disk already has data on it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?



PsychosisNode 12-16-2005 01:17 AM

For RAID0, you'll need to copy the data elsewhere while you create the array then move it back when you're finished.

Generally creating a RAID array nukes all the data on the component drives, with the exception of RAID1 where an extant drive or partition can be mirrored.


hostile1 12-16-2005 02:16 AM


Sorry.. asleep at the helm when I wrote that...

RAID 1 is what I meant

I'm hoping that in creating the mirror, that the drive with the data will be mirrored automatically...

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