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Apace 11-27-2006 03:54 PM

hot-plug issue with centos4.4 and fedora 6
I encountered same hot-plug issue on Centos 4.4 (2.6.9) and Fedora 6 (2.6.18).

8 SATA drives is connected to Supermicro 8-port SATA Card. When I hot remove (yank out) any of the drive (assume drive failed) Linux does not detect the drive has been removed. If I fdisk the removed drive, Centos terminal still shows the drive's partitions whereas Fedora 6 terminal hangs.

And when I put the drive back, both Centos and Fedora do not detect the drive.

Is there a way to let linux manually check if the sata drive is hot removed and hot added?

Motherboard: Tyan S2882-D Thunder K8SD Pro
CPU: Dual core Opteron 248
MBA: Supermicro 8-port SATA (AOC-SAT2-MV8) Chipset: Marvell 88SX6081
RAM: 2x1GB registered ECC

Thank you!

nadroj 11-27-2006 04:04 PM

does this quote from help at all?

By default, the hotplug scripts log at the notice level. The standard syslog configuration on Slackware Linux does not log this. To debug hotplugging scripts, it is best to change the logging level. You can do this by replacing the following line in /etc/hotplug/hotplug.functions:

$LOGGER -t $(basename $0)"[$$]" "$@"


$LOGGER -p -t $(basename $0)"[$$]" "$@"

After this change hotplug debug messages will be visible in /var/log/messages.

Apace 11-27-2006 07:05 PM

Thank you nadroj,

I changed the script and haven't see the difference in how the logger logs the message. But I do notice when I hot remove a drive, the kernel creats a log.

e.g. when I hot remove the 8th SATA drive, messages will log "kernel: ata8: no device found (phy stat 00000000)"

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