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carboncopy 01-06-2004 01:40 AM

help me install v4l2 (bttv, xawtv, drivers please.

Please help me install video4linux2 drivers with its necessary progs. I have downloaded
xawtv-3.90, bttv-0.9.12, and patch-2.4.23-kraxel.gz.
I am using 2.4.23 kernel on Slackware 9.1, and my tv card chipset is saa7130 (kworld's card). A step by step guide from patching to compiling and setting up the tv card would be great. Thank you.

agamenon 01-06-2004 09:08 AM

bad Driver

First you have to download the driver for the saa7130


First maybe you could look the kernel-howto

but is very simple only make a simlink in the kernel source tree to linux, no
then use the patch ..

Note. For me I use the second patch (Kraxel) because the third didnt work for me.. a saa7130 too

look in the /usr/src level

1 copy the patch
2 if the patch is a gz (gziped) use (* this is your case)

$ zcat patch-2.4.23-kraxel.gz | patch -p0

or if the patch is unziped use

$ patch -p0 < patch-2.4.23-kraxel

and the patch was done

... Then you need to compile the xawtv app..

I recomend you if you can download the linux kernel 2.6.0 (stable) because this kernel have the v4l2 included, (saa7134) too

Note 2:
Ahh you have to select in your kernel configuration
as a module or compiled in


good luck

snop 01-06-2004 06:00 PM


I must recommend you to use tvtime instead of xawtv. I think is really better. It can deinterlace the image and you can appreciate the difference.

Check it out at


agamenon 01-09-2004 03:17 AM

xawtv also deinterlace
Xawtv also deinterlace if you compile the plugin


carboncopy 06-18-2004 10:45 PM

Hi can anyone tell me what is the difference between

Are they the same thing but just the patches are more recent?
And how can I tell modprobe the option for tuner pal=b when Slackware boot up?

jlschwab 07-15-2004 02:19 AM

Also, I just tried out tvtime for the first time.

(Was using xawtv and one other crap program)

I had troubles with all of my channels being kinda black/white ist and not alot of color
on my ATI Wonder VE (bttv/video4linux). But with the tvtime I can finetune the channels
and get 100% perfectly clear with proper coloring.

Also I could not find a way to full screen xawtv or the other program (i dont remember the name).

Which annoyed the hell out of me, 1600x1200 res, with a 320x200 px window.. useless!

tvtime is sweet, thanks for the idea snop ;)


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