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hp46168 08-16-2004 10:27 AM

Help Me Get this working Linux=> G3 Beige powermac
Hey all,

I've successfully put YDL on a mac before (it was a performa 6400 or something similar like that.)

Like an idiot, I sent all of the documents I found on the internet with the system when I sold it and didn't keep any copies.

Fast forward a few years to today. I am trying to get either YDL 3.01 or Suse 7.3? installed on this Beige G3.

I can get Yaboot to boot into the Suse 7.3 media, and the YDL 3.01 media.

On Suse, I get a choice (FTP install) of YAST 1 or YAST 2. No matter which I choose, the install doesn't happen.

On YDL 3.01, even though I've repartitioned my hard drive (1.5 GB mac partition the rest for UNIX on a 6 GB drive) it complains there isn't enough space, but doesn't give any estimate of how much space I'm missing.

HELP! I've done this before, but I'm having newby moments all over again!

I've had a thought about the SUSE thing, though, and here goes:

Download entire SUSE 7.3 ppc directory to local computer (behind firewall), and then point the ftp install to local computer.

As far as the YDL thing goes, that's what's got me perplexed. From what I remember of the Performa, I didn't even have a 6 GB drive to work with, maybe it was a 4 GB drive. There should be enough space?

hp46168 08-17-2004 08:34 AM

It may be bad form to update my own post, but it looks like the millionth time's the charm with YDL 3.01. I chose personal desktop, and it started installing last night. Course, it was 5:00, so I packed up and went home. going to check on it later today.


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