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kornflakes 06-05-2004 02:56 PM

help me build my own supercomputer
i am new to linux and while reading some stuff in the internet about linux, and i've read that you can make your 486 machine into a router. =)

my question is that, how can i build my own supercomputer? there's 10 pentium 133 computers, 2gb harddisk and 32 mb of memory, 2mb video card. these were thrown out because our computer shop upgraded all the computers here. i dont want these computers to be eaten by rust! and i want to have some use for it just for fun! =)

if this would be possible, what are some things that i can do with my supercomputer? can i use it as my web and database server?

im excited to build my own supercomputer =) i hope that you can help me with these =)

cprogrck 06-05-2004 06:17 PM

what you wanna do is make a cluster. Do a google search, but beware it's not easy. making a supercomputer is no easy task and a cluster can be useless unless you actualy have a real use for it. It's probaly a waste of time to try because I think you need a really fast networking card on all 10 comps for it to be any good other wise it'll run very slow.

kornflakes 06-06-2004 04:11 AM

thanks for the reply =)

if i only have realtek lancard and a hub for these computers... would that be sufficient enough?

what are the benefits if i built this supercomputer? is it capable of running a web and database server? would it improve its performance as a serveR? just curious =)

i am not doing anything here in our house and i want to do this just to fill up my curiousity. =)

thanks again =)

maitre 06-06-2004 04:23 AM

Another possibility for you is to run some version of linux and build the lam-mpi on each machine.
I built it on 8 SunBlade 100s running gentoo and tested out some distributed matrix multiplication programs using the LAM and was amazed at the speed differential between running on one machine versus all eight.

cprogrck 06-06-2004 04:36 AM

How complex was that to set up and run? kornflakes says that he/she is new to linux, but then again he/she is using slackware so they must not know to little. " if you need help with your Linux box, find a Slackware user. A Slackware user is more likely to fix the problem than a user familiar with any other distribution." So how is that distro working out for you? I heard it's teribly hard to install etc. Then again someone told me Mandrale is hard to install.

kornflakes 06-07-2004 01:25 PM

about linux clustering, what can you prefer? should i use openmosix? what is the software clustering does beowulf did to their computers?

the first distro that i've used was slackware and when i use redhat, i never switched to other kinds of distro.

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