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nitin403 07-23-2004 03:05 AM

help in installing HSP56 modem
how i am new to linux world recently i install mandrake 9.1 (2 cd)
but i found problem installing software & also the driver for modem was not available.
after that i bought LFU magazine then i install xandros 2.0
which is even worst that mandrake 9.1
i don't know Y but now it has impossible to boot in mandrake 9.1
i have HSP56 modem i have download driver for modem ,using windows
now i have plan to install Red hat 8.0 on my PC
which i hope will solve the problem
i would like to know who i make sure that the system boots every OS that i install
because i liked the working environment of mandrake 9.1.
i would also like what software to installation process easier & which linux distro is best for home like me
my e-mail is
thank U

iggy_mon 07-25-2004 03:48 PM

HSP56 modem are winmodems and the windows driver you downloaded for it will work only in windows. if you invest in a real modem (external, for example) not only will it work in linux with no problems but your computer will actually run better. winmodems tax the processor so hard that it should be a sin to sell and use them.

also, mandrake is fine for an unexperienced user (or even a power user). it is very easy to install, has great documentation and the mailing lists you can join are really helpful.


linmix 07-25-2004 04:14 PM

First, let me assume you didn't install Xandros on top of mandrake in which cas , evidently, it is no longrer available :P

Probably, the reason you can't boot into mandrake any more is that Xandros will have installed its own bootloader without including Mandrake. Once you have installed Red Hat 9 you'll find Xandros is no longer available. To solve this problem, you need to include any previous distros in your bootloader (grub or lilo)

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