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pr@k@sh 03-24-2005 02:21 AM

HELP -->DVD ROM is not working R.H. 8
My Dear Friends

In my system R.H. 8 is install through CD rom and it working fine with CD rom .

But before few day i buy a new DVD rom and install it on that linux so that DVD rom read all CD media but can not read DVD medai in linux but that DVD rom is working fine with windows so problem related with linux setting...!!

so which setting or which software i have to install for read DVD media in linux with my DVD ROM ...???

jaws_tas 03-24-2005 06:40 AM

Can you read CD's and data DVD's with it in linux?

If so you need to get your hands on a player (like Xine) and libdvdcss (to decrypt movie dvds). Once you've downloaded and installed that, just open the player and tell it to load the DVD. That should do it.

IF YOU CANT READ CD's etc. then you may need to update /etc/fstab (where info about where/how your filesystems are mounted is kept) to reflect the changes you've made to your drives.

First you need to figure out what device node your dvd drive uses. To find device nodes open an xterm and type:

ls /dev/cdrom*

you should see something like:

[user@PC /]$ ls /dev/cdrom*
/dev/cdrom /dev/cdrom1

/devcdrom1 is most likely the new one

Then login as root (type: su [enter] in an xterm) and add a line to your /etc/fstab file (probably type: gedit /etc/fstab [enter] - should work in standard RH8 install) that goes something like:

/dev/cdrom1 /mnt/dvd auto ro,exec,noauto 0 0

replace /dev/dvd with the proper device node
replace /media/dvd with the mount point where you want to mount the drive (create a new directory like /media/dvd or /mnt/dvd or something)

you should see a similar line that represents your existing working drive. copy that if you like and just change the device node and mount point and it should work.

Hope this solves your problem. If not, I'd suggest upgrading to Fedora core 3.

pr@k@sh 03-24-2005 08:37 AM


i have to type only

mount /dev/cdrom


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