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trent1980 11-02-2009 12:38 PM

hdparm parameters
I'm trying to do some disk access diagnostics but I don't quite understand how hdparm works.

I want to know what hdparm is actually doing (sequential? block size transfers?).

My goal is to compare apples to apples on some shared storage. One host is windows and one is linux. I'm using iometer on the Windows box and hdparm on the linux.

With iometer, I can set the block size transfer request and sequential reads but I want it to match the default hdparm ...

I'm running "hdparm -t"

Thanks in advance,

business_kid 11-02-2009 04:19 PM

You might do better comparing performance. Both will jump at default best options surely.
If you want to control blocksize in linux, use dd (man dd)

You want to see linux going faster? There's no need. Just know it and smile :-D.

trent1980 11-02-2009 04:27 PM

what is the default option in hdparm ?

is it 16kb transfer requests?

I just want an even disk access benchmark when using linux and windows. It looks like hdparm used 16kb transfer requests ... if i set 16kb in iometer, i get about the same read MB/s (setting 16k, 0% write, 0% random)

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