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rjlee 06-07-2009 03:39 PM

Hardware recommendation for router and media server?
I would like to ask this kind community for some advice on how to replace my old router with a gigabit-capable router. Ideally, I'd like one running Linux so I can sort out port-forwarding, virtual server rules, network monitoring and so on. Since I plan to have it next to the TV, I thought it would also be a good idea to use it for video capture and playback (ie as a media server); there's plenty of network-attached storage available.

I have a cable modem and a a somewhat buggy 100Mbps 4-port router for my home network. These are located in a (well-ventilated) cupboard under my TV, about 9" (23cm) deep, and at least 20" tall (500mm) and 30" (760mm) wide.

I only need two ports for my router as I have a separate switch. I don't use WiFi.

The only option I've found so far is the Neuros Link ( but I suspect it has only one network port, and it's too deep for the cupboard (unless it could be used on end). I also have an old Midi Tower case that will fit, but it is very noisy so I'd need a new motherboard and PSU if I went down that route.

Can anyone recommend a hardware box that would run this configuration? Would it be possible to do this with a fanless/silent system? Or would I be better off looking at two separate boxes for this?

Any advice appreciated!

MS3FGX 06-07-2009 03:42 PM

You could get an Atom-based Mini-ITX board with onboard Gigabit (ideally duals, but if not, you have the PCI slot). That would give you plenty of power in a small package. All that you would need to do would be to find a decent case to put it in.

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