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Korff 05-11-2004 05:07 PM

Hardware issue - onboard network card
I have an Asustek/Broadcom 440x integrated controller.

It works great in both Linux and Windows.

However, there are a few annoying quirks about it:

When booting, when it attempts to bring up eth0, [FAILED] appears. However, a visual scan of the back of the computer indicates that the LED just turned on and it successfully started up. When it turns off eth0 upon reboot or halt, the led shuts off and the card ceases to work until I boot into Linux again.

Why is this a problem? I haven't completely migrated from Windows yet and still have to use it some. When I start Windows after shutting down Linux (ie eth0 has been completely shut off) I have no networking. I have a work-around but I don't like to use it. I have to boot into linux, let the boot process turn the card interface on, then power off the machine without shutting it down.

Is there a better way?

Korff 05-20-2004 04:33 PM

Found a better workaround No solution yet though.

I can shut down Linux normally, then boot off a network install floppy, let it bring up networking, then power down and boot into either OS with networking enabled.

There's no way I can damage an OS if it's only loaded to RAM, hehe.

edited for clarity

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