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triet 11-03-2004 09:25 PM

Hard drives start at hdc && fdisk doesn't show hde
Hi everyone,

I'm running Fedora Core 2. The system is running fine but there are a few problems that i hope someone can shed some light on. :)

1. I have 4 hard drives and they start at hdc to hdf, no hda && hdb!!!???

2. hdc & hdd are on an PCI IDE (SIL680) and hde & hdf are on an on-board IDE. Is there a way to reverse the order? I want the on-board drives to be named first. I tried booting with ide=reverse but it failed. I guess it couldn't find the right drives since the order was reversed.

3. I run VMware. I messed up something and now fdisk doesn't show hde anymore even though i can still mount partitions from that drive and read/write from a terminal. VMware can't see that drive.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions.


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