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aimfox 10-30-2007 09:45 AM

Hard Drive is not detecting on Ubuntu Linux 7.10
Somehow, I tried installing the Ubuntu Linux 7.10 into my old computer which I want it to run on. For some reason it is not running. I clicked in install icon and continue on to the Prepare Partition drive but nothiing showed there. It just empty and asking me to select something to mount. It also said I needs 256mb or something. So right now, I don't know what to do. Can some briefly tell me what to do? I am confused. I think its something to do with my hard drive problem. Like it works but it won't detect. I tried going to the BIOS to fix it but still no luck. Can someone tell me what to do? I am all confused!!! @_@

oskar 10-30-2007 01:26 PM

From the live cd could you type 'sudo fdisk -l' in the terminal (Applications - Accessories - Terminal). That will show you a list of all storage media that are recognized by Ubuntu.
However, if I understand you right and the bios does not detect any hard drives - naturally Ubuntu won't either. Make sure the jumpers are set right, and check the cables on the hdd.

keratos 10-31-2007 05:21 AM


If the BIOS is failing to detect the drive, nothing (inc. Ubuntu) will either.

Do you need help on how to check the drive connections, cabling and selections.

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