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mjolnir 07-03-2005 10:31 AM

Hard choice:kernel 2.4.1+wireless -mouse OR 2.6 -wireless +mouse
Scenario: I have knoppix on the h/d. Booting the 2.4 kernel, I managed to get my dwl-122 working using wlanctl-ng. No go with the 2.6 kernel but I am able to connect to the net thru my pcmcia card(NETGEAR FA411). I couldn't leave well enough alone so I edit sources.list leaving only stable sources, apt-get update, apt-get distupgrade, and install. Took about an hour and a half. I expected some things to break so I am not crying the blues just trying to learn. Four or five times I was asked what config to accept and I took the default. Upon reboot in 2.4 I still have wireless which is very important to me but the touchpad no longer works. I try a usb mouse, no go. This is a little disconcerting but I use opera and navigate very well using the keyboard. I reboot with the 2.6 kernel and lo and behold both the touchpad and the usb mouse work, but wlanctl-ng can't find wlan0, pcmcia still works. I cat XF86Config & XF86Config-4 in both kernels and the pointer and mouse sections seem to be identical. Any ideas on how to get the touchpad working in 2.4 will be appreciated?

thandermax 07-03-2005 10:42 AM

Me, faced same situation , the modem i use is "PCTEL HSP 56k Internal PCI Modem". The problem is the driver provied in the cd or in the whole internet ( I tried to serch in, etc.) works only with 2.4 ver Kernel , but in my distribution it is 2.6.9 :mad: , so couldn't use it in my distro ! :confused:

mjolnir 07-05-2005 08:34 AM

Any ideas folks? Is there another config file I should be looking at?

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