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bicpen 01-11-2012 02:17 PM

GSM device for sending SMS messages: Siemens TC35 SMS Wireless Module UART/232
Hi Guys,

I'm looking to setup one of my servers to handle SMS messages ( both inbound and outbound ).
Having a look around, this task is obviously possible however, lots of diferent people have lots of diferent way's to actually do it.

Searching around there seems to be various way's to get various bits of hardware to to present as a serial device (/dev/ttyXY).

Anyway long story short i've decided i'd like to attach the gsm device via an actual serial port ( either the builtin or via a usb converter, it doesn't matter )

GSM hardware in this configuration ( with a serial port ) it seems is suprisingly expensive.
After further googling i came across a "Siemens TC35 SMS Wireless Module UART/232 + Board" on amazon ( now about 30 (~ $40-50 ) ).

After receiving it i plugged it all in but nothing was returned via the serial port although the GSM module did seem to initialise.
after a good few hours if diagnostings and even attaching an old "bluebox" serial diagostic device to it i got nothing.

My Question is; has anyone else used this board with success via serial, if so how did you get it going ?
However if you dont use this board but do send and/or receive SMS messages how do you do it and with what hardware ?

It may be helpful if someone with an backgound in electrinics could cast their eye over this too


bhaezlr 01-12-2012 07:42 AM


I have successfully sent SMS with GNokii and Gammu.

GNokii in combination with an old Nokia 6150 (model 6110 for configuration) and a Nokia 6210 (model 7110 for configuration)
The mobiles were connected witha serial dbus cable.

Gammu in combination with a HUAWEI usb modem.

kind regards,

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