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NewConvertLX 11-19-2004 05:08 PM

greyed out backend options when adding printer (CUPS)
I am trying to add a printer but first I got the message "Unable to retrieve the printer list. Error message received from manager:
Connection to CUPS server failed. Check that the CUPS server is correctly installed and running. Error: connection refused"

Then I tried to continue anyway, and when I open up the KDE printer wizard and get to the 1st screen where it asks you to select a backend, all of the options are greyed out.

I am BRAND new to Linux, and I am trying to figure this out without having to call up the "techie" guy who's on vacation! I figure I have to type something into the Konsole.. ??!! It wasn't greyed out earlier, who knows what happened. It had promped me for a password, but I hadn't realized you had to put in the root at first...and after I realized that after several other attempts at other solutions...the greyed-out thing happened,

Can anyone help??!!

Peacedog 11-19-2004 05:27 PM

Hi NewConvertLX, welcome to lq. You probably need to start the daemon. Once that's done you'll want to go to the cups web interface. http://localhost:631/admin
Here is some suse specific instruction.

Here is some cups documentation.

good luck.

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