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aeguy156 08-30-2004 05:39 PM

Gateway M675 laptop Some One PLEASE HELP
Ok i have a Gateway M675 laptop and I cant seem to get any version on Linux to work I suppose properly would be the right word. I first installed 9 and could not get the cd to mount or the Ethernet card to work. So I downloaded Fedora C2 install went wonderfully. but upon first boot say system has reached a critical temp (23c ) system is shutting down. I know that it is not a hardware problem because windows XP Pro runs as wonderfully as a windows machine can. Does anyone know what version of Linux I would best fit this machine? I would really like to use my built in wireless card also. if anyone as any ideas or has the same machine suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Promptness is also appreciated. I have a CS project due in 1 day and i hate coding in notepad

thanks in advance for all your help

Oh also I would really like to make my laptop a FTP so i can get stuff while I'm in class but I pretty sure thats built in to all versions of linux. If you could offer some advice on how to set that up also that would be appreciated

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