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aluchko 02-18-2012 01:25 AM

Garmin GPS getting wrong permissions
Note I'm cross posting from FedoraForum, hoping for some more eyes.

My garmin GPS is being attached with the wrong permissions, 600 instead of 666

I've followed the instructions outlined here, rmmodding gps_babel, making a file /etc/udev/rules.d/51-garmin.rules and trying both sets of udev rules


ATTRS{idVendor}=="091e", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0003", GROUP="aluchko", MODE="0666"

SYSFS{idVendor}=="091e", SYSFS{idProduct}=="0003", MODE="0666"
But I still end up with

ll /dev/bus/usb/002/024
crw-rw---- 1 root vboxusers 189, 151 Jan 31 22:10 /dev/bus/usb/002/024

I can manually run chmod 666 /dev/bus/usb/002/024 and run garmin_save_runs as a non-root user so it is a permissions problem, but I'm not sure why it seems to be ignoring the udev runs.

Does anyone have an idea what's going on or how I can further debug this? Here's the associated dmesg


[22974.906627] usb 2-5.1: USB disconnect, device number 23
[22980.203137] usb 2-5.1: new full-speed USB device number 24 using ehci_hcd
[22980.289881] usb 2-5.1: New USB device found, idVendor=091e, idProduct=0003
[22980.289888] usb 2-5.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=0, SerialNumber=0


scottyanke 02-19-2012 01:17 PM

I ran into something like this with my USB firmware programmers. I ended up with a single line in /etc/udev/rules.d/something.rules that looked slightly different from yours.

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ENV{DEVTYPE}=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="03eb",ATTRS{idProduct}=="2104", MODE:="0666"

The main difference is in the := which is described as "Assign a value to a key finally; disallow any later changes". For some devices it is needed, and others it isn't.

aluchko 02-19-2012 01:27 PM

So it turns out both

ATTRS{idVendor}=="091e", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0003", GROUP="aluchko", MODE:="0666"


SYSFS{idVendor}=="091e", SYSFS{idProduct}=="0003", MODE:="0666"

work with the added colon, thanks!

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