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scheidel21 10-28-2005 02:18 AM

G3 AIO video out
I have a G3 All-in-One unit it is a Macintosh with a G3 266Mhz processor and built in 2MB ATI Rage Pro Graphics. It has a a "wings"card which plugs into an apple proprietary slot on the motherboard. This card has AV S-video, and composite inpts and outputs. I have been attempting to find out if, or how they work in Linux. I want to use this machine as a terminal to output things from it and my network over my Television, basically add it as a component to my Home Theater. I thought I recalled readinf somewhere that they do not work under linux but I may have been mistaken. The Mic and speaker plugs on the card work, so I should think the videowill work too. Does anyone know if it will work, and if it does how to use it? I dont want to go back to installing MasOS 9 on it, as there is dwindling supprt for the classic mac OS and I do not want to pay for OSX. Additionally I was told the last two versions of OS X do not work on this model, not to mention that OSX has dropped the support for the graphics in this machine.


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