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Khang 02-20-2005 07:11 PM

Formatting my USB stick with ext3 makes stuff crash
Hi, the title of the thread pretty much sums it all up. I have a Crucial 1GB USB stick, and I am able to partition it and copy files to/from it fine using vfat. However, when I create an ext3 partition, qtparted (which I am using to partition it) freezes up (while it says it's scanning for drive info, or something of that sort), and although my system seems to be running for the most part, it cannot be shut down and I can't kill processes (e.g. qtparted) anymore. I am forced to hit the reset button, and repartition it with vfat so that qtparted won't crash every time I run it.

Can anybody think why this might be happening? Is there some mysterious property of my USB stick which is preventing it from being partitioned using ext3? Anybody else had the same problem?

Any additional info you need I can provide. Thanks for any help.

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