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shertiger 04-06-2009 02:36 AM

Finally solved ATI Radeon 9600 Blank screen problem

I'm a new convert to Linux (although I used UNIX in the distant past) but have had big problems trying to get my ATI 9600 to work.

The only driver it worked on was the vesa. For some reason PCLinux2007 worked with the ati driver but when I upgraded to PCLinux2009 it broke again and I was back to watching a blank screen after boot up when using ati, radeon or fglrx drivers.

I ditched PCLinux and went Ubuntu using a vesa driver. Recently I tried again to get the open source ati driver to work. I removed all fglrx drivers etc and tried again but no joy. Then by chance I spotted something about DVI and vga connections in the xserver log I think. When I took my cable out of the DVI connector and plugged it into the VGA connector my display worked using the ati driver. Simply as that but what a pain to resolve. Hope this helps anyone else out there.

If anyone knows how to specify which connector to use (ie VGA or DVI) that would be useful.

rylan76 04-08-2009 03:51 AM

Hi thanks for posting I'm sure this will help other users.

Personally I do not like to use ATI hardware under Linux, IMO Nvidia GPUs are much better supported than ATI cards under Linux.

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