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divyashree 03-18-2013 10:36 PM

Filesystem creation Error
I created a LUN and attached it to a linux host. Then I ran the hot_add utility to update the partition table.
The multipath entry looks like this:


600a0b800049cc2800000c0551465bca dm-0 IBM,1726-4xx  FAStT
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=1][active]
 \_ 2:0:1:4 sdm 8:192 [active][ready]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=1][enabled]
 \_ 1:0:1:4 sdl 8:176 [active][ready]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=0][enabled]
 \_ 2:0:0:4 sdg 8:96  [failed][faulty]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=0][enabled]
 \_ 1:0:0:4 sdd 8:48  [failed][faulty]

So I created a partition with /dev/sdm1, but after that when I am going to create the filesystem, its giving the error:

mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdm1

/dev/sdm is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here!

While its not being used any pid, its giving the error and not allowing to create filesystem.

With the same way I created and attached many LUNs before but not working now.

can anyone advice, what may be the issue ??

pan64 03-20-2013 07:04 AM

duplicate of

TobiSGD 03-20-2013 07:12 AM


Originally Posted by pan64 (Post 4915122)

And therefore closed. pan64, please consider to report threads that you found to be duplicates the next time, makes life much easier for the mods.

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