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speedsrfr 10-23-2012 02:17 AM

fedora 17 battery issue gnome 3 kernel u36jc
Hi everyone.
Im now running fedora 17 with an asus u36jc laptop. It has been working perfectly until now. After the latest update, I am now running kernel version and the battery monitor is displaying 2 batteries. I only have one, and only one of the battery readings in the monitor display is correct. Every now and then I reboot and it gets it right, but mostly im stuck with two batteries. Can anybody tell me where I should look for error logs etc, or if there is some kind of fix.

business_kid 10-23-2012 03:27 AM

many laptops (like mine) have space for another battery in a docking station.

Hunt in

Just cat the uevent file in each battery, which gives you the details. It sounds like an ACPI brain fart, but it could be outdated BIOS in the box, and an update of that certainly helped me with newer kernels.

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