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baldur_1 01-20-2020 12:51 PM

fc31 sound issue
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so i have been having sound issues in fedora. it used to crack and stuff so i would go into /etc/pulseaudio and comment out the 'load module module-udev-connect' and that would work perfectly and remove the crackling sound. it has been an issue for at least the last 3 computer builds in some way where i had to do this.

now, in 31, it flashes an icon and only occassionally cracks but it CONSTANTLY flashes the damn icon. it flashes it every 10-30 seconds in the middle of the damn screen, whichever is the screen i am working from. i tried commenting out the familiar line which has changed to an if/else. when i did that, my sound options completely went away and i was left with no sound available even after removing the comments on that line.

when you install the base, it is much worse after updating. it is to the point of unusable because it will not stop and it is beyond annoying. i looked up online some troubleshooting stuff and found no cogent answer. attached is the results of...

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i am using a creative soundblaster zx and the optical audio out. i have been filing bugs on this since at least fc25 but probably more like fc20. it has done this on multiple motherboards and now the zx card. i have no idea what to do on this, i have searched and searched and not gotten it to stop yet.

baldur_1 01-21-2020 06:41 PM

somehow i got it to work again, i just dont know how. i am just going to link to the stuff that worked to get it working and write some notes i am going to keep on it...if it helps, great.


alsamixer -c0 - gives you the alsa mixer for device 0
i think the problem is with the realtek driver. so in order to solve the issue what i did was edit /etc/pulse/default.po and add tsched=0 on the 'load-module module-udev-detect' line. and then with the alsamixer, i adjusted a bunch of the audio settings for all devices and made sure none were set in the red as much as i could and muted unnecessary ones. i installed plugged into the realtek but after the changes, switched to the sounblaster card, restarted and magically everything worked.

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