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linuxfond 07-10-2004 03:21 PM

Farewell floppy drive
* My PC is rock solid since two years or so (MDK9.1); saying this I cross my fingers.
* My portable (acer, MDK9.2) is solid too, except for the errors that show up here and there.
The problem is that there is no floppy drive (floppy is a little piece of plastic with something black inside). And I don't miss it (who does?).
I am planning to get rid of it. Now the question is how do I get rid of it?
How can I tell the kernel etc. that there is no floppy and that it should not try to search/mount it? I don't mind to reinstall the whole thing, if necessary.
Any idea? Thank you.

Peacedog 07-10-2004 06:11 PM

if i understand the question correctly, this thread may help.

good luck.

Electro 07-11-2004 12:11 AM

Operating Systems careless if you have a floppy disk drive but the BIOS cares. You have to disable the floppy in the BIOS. Some systems uses the floppy drive if the BIOS is corrupted, so you can re-flash it again. You can use a flash card reader instead.

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