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saquib 03-08-2006 10:45 PM

extremely detailed step by step instructions wanted for nvdia driver installation!!!
im extremey new for linux. just installed Foedra Core 4 (x86_64). I use a 7800GTX which is not by default in the display adapter hardrware list. I downloaded the .run file from nvidia but need detailed instructons on how to install them easily. Please help. I tried exracting and running the installer, but it says x server not closed. from the point i see, x server probably is handling all the GUI. well, i tried typing this ¨init 2¨. it does close GUI, but the screen is totaly black, and when i press something or move the mouse, the console is showed as the checklist (that I see when the system boots). Now theres a blinking underscore, but i cant type anything. I looking for some very detailed instructins on what to do.

By the way, im using my 7800GTX as 6800 Ultra from the Display Settingś Graphics Adapter Hardrware Selection List, any risk in that? And what exactly would be the benefit for installing nvidiaś drivers except for in game performance?

Thanks in advance...

jens 03-09-2006 02:21 AM

This has been asked many times before. But anyway...:

Make sure you have the kernel-devel package installed.
Download the NVidia driver here:

1. Boot up your system.
2. Press Ctrl-Alt-F3
3. Log in as root.
4. Type: init 3 and press enter
=> for some reason it might hang here, if it does, redo step 2(=pressing Ctrl-Alt-F3) and 4 again (now it will work and close X).
5. cd to your NVidia driver package.
6. Type: sh NVIDIA-Linux-*.run and follow the instructions(=press 2 times enter).
7. Type vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf and press enter.
8. Press Insert (this will bring you in edit mode).
9. Look for the section "Module", remove load "dri" and load "GLcore" if they exist. Next add Load "glx" if it doesn't exist.
10. Look for the section "Device" and replace Driver "nv"(or Driver "vesa") with Driver "nvidia".
11. Press Esc (this will close edit mode).
12. Type: :wq! (in one command with the ":"!) and press enter.
13. Type: modprobe nvidia

Reboot and have fun.

14=optional: post back if you have a problem.


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