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anonymous_noob_01 02-07-2008 06:47 PM

ext3 Data Recovery, Old Partition

im new to linux, only been using for about year now, and im absolutely loving it. but now i have a problem.

dont ask how.. its too embarrassing to say.. but..

i had:

- 250 gig hd
- one partition
- ext3
- and its full, 3 to 4 gigs free at most


- only partition got deleted
- two new partitions were created
- about 4 gigs of data was written to 1st partition, and 200 meg or so to the 2nd

since then (6 days ago), ive been trying just about any and everything google would spew out, but im not getting anywhere :<

so obviously the question is, how do i get back what wasnt overwritten?

for the love of god, i need help with this please :< theres nothing more depressing than losing data

unSpawn 02-07-2008 07:30 PM

New partition table meaning the old PT is gone. Newly formatted partitions (structure only) plus overwritten data. That means you lost data. Salvage depends on not using (writing to) the disk anymore so remount the partitions read-only before doing anything else. Get yourself another disk to write to (external USB HD?) and a copy of some LiveCD that includes 'photorec' and 'foremost' like HELIX. In the meanwhile read up on (search) LQ threads about data recovery.

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