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nicolasdiogo 07-11-2011 08:48 AM

expand SATA storage with SAS ? how?

i have a small home server that i would like to add some disks to it. ideally 4 sata2 disks.

i have been reading about SAS controller that can be installed on PCI-E connection on the motherboards.

but i am not sure how these actually work.

could someone please provide some links to some articles explaining how i can use these? i have tried searching for it. but i get loads of selling material which does not really clarify much.

i am not sure how these SAS connect to sata2 disks - do i need some adapter?



kilgoretrout 07-12-2011 03:58 AM

Wikipedia is a good starting point:

nicolasdiogo 07-12-2011 01:49 PM


it seems SAS card are compatible with the PCIe available in just about every mobo these days.

i gathrered that a SAS card with the correct vable (SAS-to-SATA) could add a large number of HDDs.

as i am running Debian Lenny X64; would anyone a recomendationfor a SAS card that i could buy? and/or adivice about it?


nicolasdiogo 07-13-2011 04:03 AM

would this card be a decent controller for SATA2 HDDs?


should i avoid it? or has anyone got another suggestion?


nicolasdiogo 07-13-2011 04:33 AM

a bit more info here as well:

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