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phoenix07 04-08-2004 07:12 AM

Ethernet Adapter not working or Network not working...
Ethernet Adapter not working/detecting, need to setup network, also not working...

Hey i have recently and successfully installed KNOPPIX v3.3 to my HDD, just like to say works great ~ - ~!

i have 2 ethernet cards i just installed and i dont know how to install the drivers or get it to work... i click on the "Network Card Config" and it asks me a few questions ie. "would you liek to DHCP to other comptuers" or something like that, anyways , waht i am trying to achieve is ,

I have my Linux machine with KNOPPIX v3.3 installed on the harddrive , what i want is to make the Linux machine my server machine for the internet, but i am having trouble installing/getting the network to run.

Specs :


350 mhz P2 with MMX
96 mb ram

Name : Zonet 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter

Standards :
IEEE802.3 10Base-T
IEEE802.3 100Base-TX
PCI Local Bus Specification
Rev 2.0, 2.1

Interface : 10Base-T 100Base-TX ( RJ45 Connector )

Linux drivers : Slackware, Red Hat and others

Windows Machine #1:

Windows 2000
P3 866 mhz with MMX support
384 mb ram
20gb hdd
Acton 10/100/1000 Mbps Fast ethernet adapter

Windows Machine #2:

Windows 98 SE
P3 466 mhz with MMX support
194 mb ram
20gb hdd
Realtek (something) Ethernet Adapter... etc etc.


Just in case , update as i was typing this up my dad noticed that the two cards communicate, i dont know what that means, but , if ANYONE , i repeat ANYONE can help me in setting up the network for these comptuers add me to my msn or reply to this forum , i want to set-up my linux machine to become a server so i can share the internet with other users...:

msn :

i can reward you with graphics ... lol i knw it sounds cheap but hey , if you need any type of graphic in return for helping me set up my network i will infinitely thank you + reward you with a profesional graphic >>

thank you ...

RobertP 04-09-2004 02:41 PM

I do not have Knoppix handy but I can explain what goes on. When you boot up an initialization script runs and identifies your cards and installs drivers. If you have only one card, the system could assume you use DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to get an IP address, a gateway to the Internet, a name server, and so on. With more than one card and with the possibiity of finding no servers, the script cannot do it sometimes.

You can check with your ISP or with another computer connected to the web at your site for some parameters, like whether DHCP is used. Most likely, it is. Enable your firewall before connecting to the web. Plug a cable from your ISP into one of your NICs and either reboot or run the configuration programme. Say yes to DHCP for one NIC, and let her rip. If you get a connection, you can label your NIC eth0 or eth1, accordingly. Now your Linux box should have a web connection.

You can start a DHCP server on your Linux machine to serve the clients on your network, or they can use static addresses. Give your other NIC a static address for your local network. is popular. Your client machines will then use that as a gateway. Your first client could be, for instance.

spurious 04-09-2004 06:58 PM

For starters, is the Internet connection to the Knoppix box working correctly?

Also, with only two network cards in your Knoppix box (one is connected to the Internet, the other to your home LAN), then you will need to buy a hub for your two Windows boxes and connect the hub to the Knoppix box.

There's more steps involved, but post when you have purchased the hub.

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