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Slimmay 08-27-2008 02:55 PM

EeepcLinuxOS webcam / mic problems

I just booted EEE PCLINUXOS from a usb flash drive, and I have had only two problems with it.

I would love to install PCLINUXOS to the EEE, but the following errors have occurred:

First of all, I run an EEE PC 701 4G, so I have the built-in webcam.

I open up wxCam and I get the following error:

'Cannot open /dev/video0
Please check if your system has the correct driver for your webcam, or change the webcam device in settings->preferences'

I've tried everything but with no luck.

Second problem:

I open up skype and do a test call to echo123, but do not hear myself. The EEE's built-in mic doesn't seem to work on EeePCLinuxOS. Yes, I have tried everything in the Mixer.

Any Ideas???


P.S. has been hacked and is currently unavailable. :cry:

AlanPo 08-27-2008 05:30 PM

there you will find answer. this helped me get Ubuntu working even with wireless on eeepc 900.
and google knows more.

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