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Crito 06-05-2004 01:41 AM

DVI-D DVI-I DVI-A Dual Link Single Link WTF?
Holy crapolla, I just wanted to use the DVI port on my NEC LCD 1860NX monitor! So the monitor has a dual link DVI-D port, the video card has a dual link DVI-I port and my cable is DVI-D male to DVI-D male single link. After much research I figured out it's OK to plug a DVI-D cable into a DVI-I port -- didn't want to fry anything experimenting. So now my question is the dual vs. single link difference. One FAQ says I only need dual link for 1600x1280 or higher resolution, but how is the card and monitor going to know that? Do they detect the cable type automatically? Do they switch from single to dual link automatically when the resolution is above a certain threshold? Is there some place I can configure them for dual or single link? None of the docs I've found thus far contain even the slightest clue.

Man, no wonder these !@#$ digital video interfaces never caught on. Who wants to fiddle with six different connectors just to setup a lousy monitor? (Three kinds, DVI-D, DVI-I and DVI-A times dual and single types = six different connectors.)

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