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pdjones2112 01-14-2003 12:27 PM

dvdrom, cdrw and burning....
Hi folks,

I know similar issues have been posted before, but I cannot make heads nor tails of what to do :confused:

(feel free to tell me to rtfm)

I have two cdrives on my system (drake 9.0), a DVDrom (/dev/hdc) and an hp 8200 cdrw (/dev/scd0). Now, I wantto use the dvd drive as a reader and the hp as the burner. In xcdroast, I can only see the hp. I suspect the dvd drive needs to be listed as a scsi drive (it is IDE), but how do I 1) create a new device (ie /dev/scd1 (mknod?)) and 2) make linux associate the dvd drive with it?

On a related note, is it possible to do disk to disk burning? or must I make an image first then burn that to disk.

Boy am I confused.

thanks a lot

acid_kewpie 01-14-2003 01:12 PM

you can do direct disc copying if you want. i don't know if xcdroast can do it, as it's a very very horrible and nasty application, unlike eroaster for example. but anyway...

open /etc/lilo.conf and extend the lines that say append=" hd?=ide-scsi " to append="hd?=ide-scsi hdc=ide-scsi" then dvd *should* become scd1 or similar. if you have /dev/dvd pointing to /dev/hdc already you will need to recreate the symlink to point to the scd1 device instead. I've not tried it myself actually as i've never had any reason to, but if your dvd drive starts acting incorrectly with programs such as cd players then remember that that may well be the reason for it.

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