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SILVERPENGUIN 02-18-2005 09:05 PM

DVD-ROM drive doesn't want to boot.
I burned a SUSE 9.2 DVD and am trying to get my DVD to boot it. Yes, I've booted from this drive before. I even tried the DVD Burner drive to boot instead. Nothing! It doesn't even seem to be trying. I even went into the Bios and removed the other drives except for the DVD drive...then at least I got a request for a boot disk. Otherwise it just goes on to boot regularly into GRUB. Please help!

aus9 02-19-2005 07:00 AM

if you mean it just goes into MBR with grub as normal......then change your bios boot order to cdrom b4 hard drive.

2) if you mean something else.......maybe you need smartbootmanager on floppy as there may be an issue with your hardware?

Ian_Hawdon 02-19-2005 02:19 PM

Is the DVD burned Correctly, I once downloaded Knoppix and couldnt boot from it, what happened was that the buffer was under run on my cd and i had a bad disk, i re-burned the image and the new disk worked fine! :)

greenbox 02-19-2005 03:10 PM

did you install a new drive recently?
if you did, then your dvd drive might be the slave.
look at the jumper and see if it is at the

. . . . .
. . _ .

setting. you can change it to the master setting and that setting will let you boot.

SILVERPENGUIN 02-19-2005 04:11 PM

Ahhh..thanks guys! Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I couldn't find my posting. (getting senile)

It just boots as if I didn't have anything in the drive. I did change the bios to boot from the DVD drive first...I even went to far as to remove the other drives so it had no choice....I even considered standing over it and threatening to plug it full of lead if ti didn't co-operate. ;)

It could be that I do need to burn a different disk....very possible.

I have booted from this drive many times in the past so it is not new....including my original 9.0 Suse.

Thank you so much for responding!

SILVERPENGUIN 02-20-2005 01:08 AM

It was a bad DVD after all. Thank you so much for your help!

I don't supose anyone might know how to re-partition my hard-drive so I can put 9.2 on it?

Ian_Hawdon 02-20-2005 08:38 AM

You Could use partition Magic, but you have to pay for it :(

aus9 02-21-2005 01:58 AM

why pay?

knoppix cd has a free version of PM called QTParted.

slightly harder to use as they are text based......but more accurate are on knoppix called cfdisk

suse may have its own parted tool you could try as well.

I like to use the same tool from an independent that I can use no matter what is the distro but I am boring heh heh

SILVERPENGUIN 02-21-2005 01:06 PM

Actually, I already have a PM. However, it didn't seem to want to give me a large enough partition for some reason. I think it is because I didn't de-frag. Hmm...since I don't have much on my linux drive yet...I think I'll just burn a DVD with the files I do want and then just install over 9.0.

Thank you for your help guys.....I hope the install goes alright...If not, then I'm going to be up all night downloading all the updates for 9.0 again. (Sigh) ;)

aus9 02-22-2005 06:34 AM

don't have the dvd burn but cdburn program k3b has an option to verify data burned.....

also run the command md5sum on the iso image downloaded and compare to that posted on the download site

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