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cosmo751 08-07-2007 08:22 PM

DVD Distro Wouldn't Boot
This isn't a question so much as an anecdote. I fixed the problem, which was :

My ancient Tyan Tsunami was being asked to boot a DVD distro of OpenSuse 10.1. It would not boot from the DVD in the DVD drive, nor would it recognize a boot CDRom in either the DVD or CDRom drives. No combination of BIOS settings would make it work either, although both drives work fine in Windows. (which is now gone with the wind, BTW)

Ths fix was removing the CDRom drive, and deleting it from the BIOS settings. VIOLA ! The distro booted, set up perfectly and runs like a champ. And yes, the master/slave jumpers had been correct.

I still need to set up the DSL connection to Earthlink, but I'll get that figured out too. After "cheating" and looking it up here, that is !



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