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xainth 02-11-2008 12:03 AM

DVD Burning too slow on Mandriva 2008
My dvd writing process takes like 40 minutes with a LG DVD-RW drive with 16x writable DVD's on maximum speed. I'm using gnomebaker, and I've tried to use K3b but it installed KDE when i tried to install it, so i removed it with the rest. I'm assuming there is some problem with the drivers, but it seems to be recognized. Help please?

J.W. 02-11-2008 03:25 AM

Is the DVD and the hard drive on the same ribbon cable? In other words, if your hard drive is (say) the primary master (/dev/hda), and the DVD is the primary slave (/dev/hdb), you might be able to get better transfer speeds if you moved the DVD into the secondary master (/dev/hdc) position. Having both the incoming and outgoing data on the same channel can tax your system. If you do move it, just be sure that the jumper setting is correct for its new position.

I can't promise that will improve things, but it's a simple and zero cost option, so it might be worth looking into. What are the other specs of your machine - what kind of CPU and how much RAM are you using?

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