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Bill Chandler 11-22-2004 05:31 PM

Dual Monitor Setup onboard VGA isn't working SuSE 9.1 pers
basic info:

gfx card: nVidia something mon: Viewsonic
onbrd gfx: intel mon: HP 589XXX

I'm clueless on this. If I don't have my nVidia card in, the onboard VGA port works just fine. I can understand that problem lying in BIOS with choosing of a default graphics port. But my other problem is when I go to run SaX2, it doesn't pick up the onboard graphics controller. That's with the nVidia card installed. I tried setting it up manually, just by adding it manually and a monitor, but when I went to test it, it went through the other monitor/graphics card... the one that already worked. You think I should change the location of that stuff in my config file or maybe something in BIOS not turned on as to why it wouldn't be picked up? :s

amdalltheway 11-23-2004 03:14 AM

Is it even possible to use onboard video at the same time as a VGA card?

That's like onboard sound with a sound card. Recipe for conflict, if you ask me. One has to be disabled or uninstalled for the other to work, I believe the case is similar with video.

Not saying anything for sure, but I will keep up with this thread and do some research for you to see what I can find on the subject. In the meantime, I am curious to see what others have to say.

rdvs 11-24-2004 08:07 AM

My understanding also is that installing an AGP card disables the onboard video. Check the amount of memory. (It is probably shown during self-test on booting.) Without the AGP card, there will be some "missing"; it is taken by the onboard video. With the AGP card, all memory is available, because the onboard video is not using it. This is a feature of the motherboard, not a shortcoming of SuSE 9.1 pers.

With SaX2, you can "add" any video card and monitor you wish, but nothing will happen. It may seem strange that non-existent hardware can be added, but this is meant for those times when real hardware has not been detected. If you want dual monitor, you will probably need a dual-head video card?

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