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poplinux 03-19-2014 12:03 AM

Do you have spi flash on Marvell 88F6281 platform?
Dear Sir.

I have a problem for use spi flash on mv6281 board.

spi flash
spansion FL128PIFL

linux kernel
ver 2.6.34

arch/arm/plat-feroceon/mv_drivers_lsp/mv_mtd/sflash.c::sflash_probe_init() are called and this api called register_mtd_chip_driver() with struct sflash_chipdrv.

sflash_chipdrv, see below.

89 static struct mtd_chip_driver sflash_chipdrv = {
 90  .probe    = sflash_probe,
 91  .destroy  = sflash_destroy,
 92  .name  = "sflash",
 93  .module  = THIS_MODULE
 94 };

I'm expect will call sflash_probe(). But, is not called.
And can't find spansion FL128PIFL driver on linux source.

1. Why do not called sflash_probe()
2. How can get driver for spansion FL128PIFL

Plase help.

Thank you

smallpond 03-20-2014 09:31 AM

Is this a new device? Your kernel is 4 years old.

poplinux 03-20-2014 07:40 PM

Dear Sir.

Thank's your reply.

I konw that this kernel is old.

But It is a offical kernel in SDK. Can't change kernel version.

Thank you.

poplinux 07-13-2014 11:36 PM

Dear everyone.

Yeasterday. I'm modifed the cpu memory map. and now running SPI flash.

This issue was solved.

Thank you.

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