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MG00711 02-08-2013 02:57 AM

Display GRUB2 Menu On external Monitor (HDMI)
Does anyone have any idea if it is possible to display GRUB2 on an external HDMI screen, My BIOS has no option for this and I would rather not use FN+F8 to do this every time I reboot my system. Maybe possible with some scripting in GRUB?

floppy_stuttgart 02-10-2013 09:37 AM

I dont know how to access an external screen; the BIOS should make it possible.
One time I had a defect laptop with an external screen.
Mint13 as live CD recognized the external screen automatically.
A Mint12 lxde did not: we had to use a boot code for it.

MG00711 02-11-2013 09:56 AM

my external monitor works fine with Mint 14 (in fact I'm using a SCEA 3D PS3 Screen), this is the only change I am trying to make, what would be great is if there was an ability to add code to grub so that it would emulate keyboard input combinations, although I know this is probably a little far fetched...

911InsideJob 09-15-2013 11:40 AM

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I'm trying to figure this one out too. Have my $300 Gateway laptop plugged into a $300 Seiki 39" LEDTV via HDMI and everyting works great... added a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and it's Linux nirvana. ;) For now I just made Mint's entry, which is like 4th on my menu list, the default one.

EDIT: I get text mode output from HDMI the second GRUB is out of the loop though, at 1080p no less, so I'm sure it's possible. It's same vid card so they just need to enable the port I guess. Shouldn't need any kind of new driver, that is.

picture of my setup:

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