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mrlucio79 07-14-2003 11:48 AM

Digitize my VCR TAPES....
Ok guys and gals. I want to digitize my video tapes to mpeg2 format. I am going to purchase the Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250. Once I get this what software do I need to digitize my video tapes and do watch and capture live TV. Thanks!!!!!!!!

acid_kewpie 07-14-2003 12:02 PM

i wouldn't bother with a pvr card specifically, they won't get utilized without officailly bespoke software (afaik)

i just use a bog standard wintvgo card and mencoder ( ) to encode directly to divx

mrlucio79 07-14-2003 01:34 PM

Acid is there some dummy instructions to follow that I can up on??? Please let me know........

Electro 07-14-2003 04:29 PM

Its not best to encode directly into a compress format. You want the original be clean. Either use raw video codecs or DV. To get all the lines that VCRs put out. You need to record at 352 X 480 for NTSC and 352 X 576 for PAL. What this does is it captures all the lines. Remember TV is interlaced and computers are non-interlaced. Then use a program to deinterlace or use BOB and resize the picture to 352 X 240 for NTSC and 352 X 288 for PAL. Finally you can make a compress video format like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Divx, etc.

Go to for more information.

mrlucio79 07-14-2003 04:48 PM

man thats a awesome site.. THanks!

mrlucio79 07-14-2003 04:51 PM

Electro when I set up the wintv card will it automatically be configured? I am running redhat9 with the latest stable kernel... Thanks...

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